SmartAmbient Sensor system is made for YOU - the manager of a workplace, school, or office or anyone who wants to keep track of environmental data. Find out when a space is used most and whether it is heated and lit effectively. No more worrying about wasting electricity, now you can nail the culprits quickly and save your wallet!

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Get real-time data and history

The SmartAmbient Sensor System operates on Arduino, which requires very little power as compared to competing sensor products. You can get real time information about temperature, light intensity and presence of motion as well as view current data and history.

Easy to setup and use

Setting up the Arduino hardware simply takes a few minutes. All you have to do then is to copy a piece of code and paste it in your Arduino IDE, enter your Gmail username, the MAC address of the Arduino shield and how frequently you want to post data. That's it! Read more here.

Access from anywhere you want

Any device, including your Mac, PC, tablet, iPhone, Android, or even your Windows phone, can be used to access sensor data and history. Login with your Google Account and access from anywhere in the world!